In the U.S. and abroad, Dickerson Knight Group (DKG) has provided consultancy and training services designed to build capacities, overcome market challenges and support the growth and development of private sector enterprises operating in transitioning economies.

DKG’s services have been provided to state-owned institutions, private sector enterprises, and non-governmental organizations in the United States and abroad. Thousands of entrepreneurs, lending officers and technical-assistance providers who have invested in sharpening their financial and managerial skills are putting to use the concepts, tools and skills learned at training programs designed and delivered by DKG.

Within the United States, DKG has provided consultancy services in urban, rural and Native American communities. These engagements have involved working with small and medium size enterprises (SME), financial institutions, and locally based technical assistance providers in order to build institutional capacities in the community development arena. Internationally, the company has provided advisory services that promote institutional, financial and structural reform in transitional economies.

As a recognized management consulting firm in numerous emerging markets and within the community development arena, Dickerson Knight Group has introduced and established standards for consultancy and training services.

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