DKG is pleased to present our new visual identity – which symbolizes diversity, inclusion and teamwork; reflecting DKG’s way of bringing fresh ideas and approaches to the markets we serve.

Our objective is to apply knowledge and innovative solutions designed to strengthen institutional capacity and efficiency, within the markets we serve. We will achieve this goal by ensuring that all DKG products and services, as well as our business conduct, conform to the highest professional standards.

DKG was co-founded in 1991 by Nathaniel (Nate) Dickerson and Lionel (Leigh) Knight, who have accumulated a combined experience of over 60 years of working within or advising the financial service sector. As bank executives Messrs Dickerson and Knight have first hand (hands on) experience in the areas of commercial lending, corporate finance, trade finance, as well as domestic and international debt restructuring of public and private-sector companies. An addition, as bank executives Messrs Dickerson and Knight have performed valuations to assess acquisitions opportunities, and divestiture alternatives.

The firm has been engaged on assignment designed to build capacities in order to overcome market challenges and support the growth and development of private sector enterprises. DKG's engagements have involved working with small and medium size enterprises (SME), financial institutions, development institutions, and locally based technical assistance providers to build capacities, implement institutional or structural reform, and enhance access to finance and banking services.

Dickerson Knight Group provides its services both internationally and within the United States. Internationally, the company has provided advisory services designed to promote financial, institutional and structural reform in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Egypt, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Lao, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Republic of Georgia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Within the United States, DKG has provided advisory services to credit unions, community banks, community development financial institutions, and commercial banks in urban, rural and Native American communities.

DKG’s services are organized into two lines of business – Consulting and Training. Our Consultancy practice provides advisory services; while the firm's Training practice offers Established Programs, as well as customized training services.

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Engagements that DKG has undertaken have frequently included training for financial sector professionals, entrepreneurs, and technical assistance providers. As a result DKG has compiled an impressive track record of developing and delivering interactive training products and services addressing such topics as business management, risk management, credit risk management, corporate restructuring, debt financing and restructuring, corporate governance, capital markets reform, human resource management and privatization.

Experience Enhanced Performance
Our extensive experience in the emerging markets and the community development arena enables us to recognize and appreciate the shared interests and intentions of the entrepreneurs, financial institutions and the technical assistance providers.

By understanding the needs and objectives of the key market participants Dickerson Knight Group is well positioned to identify and recommend practical solutions and to share our findings and experiences with clients across market lines.

We strive to develop, support, and promote the use of a common structured language within the respective markets that we serve. It is our belief and hope that as the entrepreneurs, lenders, investors and technical assistance providers begin to use a common language and tools, the levels of professionalism and operating efficiency will be greatly enhanced.




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