Our international projects offer a range of opportunities for development and managerial professionals, including long-term positions and short- to medium-term technical assistance assignments in developing and transitional economies. Successful candidates for international assignments generally have advanced degrees, at least 10 years of professional work experience (including a minimum of 5 years of international work experience in a relevant technical area), and strong foreign language skills.

Dickerson Knight Group values candidates of all ethnic backgrounds, races, nationalities, religions, academic backgrounds; additional weighting is given to those candidates with relevant international experience and bi-lingual capability. The firm seeks candidates that have the following qualities:

Ethical: The firm will never affiliate itself with any employee, business, firm, or government that does not have absolute integrity in business. We expect all successful candidates to ensure that Dickerson Knight Group maintains its highly ethical reputation in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurial: An entrepreneurial attitude is a critical success factor in today's dynamic information and service driven business environment; we value such attitudes at the firm.

Intelligent: Academic knowledge is valuable, but it is not as nearly as important as being street smart. It is expected that candidates will have a strong grasp of worldwide current events and innovations within industry. We expect you to have a good understanding of Asia as well.

Even though we have no openings at the moment, we would like to hear from you. To contact us about employment consideration, please send your resume to opportunities@thinkdkg.com.

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