Dickerson Knight Group provides advisory and training services to state-owned institutions, private sector enterprises, and non-governmental organizations. The firm has been engaged to build institutional capacities, implement institutional or structural reform, and enhance access to finance and banking services. DKG engagements have involved working with management and owners of small and medium size enterprises, financial institutions, development institutions, as well as locally based technical assistance providers.

DKG provides its services both internationally and within the United States. Internationally, the company has provided advisory services in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Egypt, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Lao, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Republic of Georgia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Within the United States, DKG has provided advisory services to credit unions, community banks, community development financial institutions, and commercial banks in urban, rural and Native American communities.

DKG’s services are organized into two lines of business – Consulting Services and Training Services. Our consultancy practice provides advisory services; while the firm’s training practice offers Established Programs, as well as customized training services.

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